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SBCConnect.com.au is a website designed to document the platforms connection requirements between the Session Border Controllers into the Microsoft Teams Phone system.

This website is designed to be viewed from https://sbcconnect.com.au and not from GitHub Directly. Certain parts of the website will not render when viewing on the GitHub platform.

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Teams Platform Documentation

Getting Started

User Account Management

Call Queue / Auto Attendant Management

Teams Rooms and Collaboration Bars

Tenant Management

Teams Device Management

Call Restrictions and Call Types


Cloud Voicemail

Dedicated SIP Trunks


Network Deployment, Testing and Troubleshooting

User Provisioning Issues

Single User Troubleshooting and Call Quality Issues

Device Troubleshooting and Call Quality Issues

Multi-User Troubleshooting and Call Quality Issues

Platform Troubleshooting and Issues

More about the platform

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Needing Support?

Having trouble with the SBC Connect platform? Please contact your phone provider as they have the most up-to-date support material to assist you in getting your calls back-on-track