Adding required domain names to the Microsoft 365 tenant

Each SBC Connect customer requires 1 or more domain names added into the customers Microsoft 365 tenant.

These domains will be provided by the SBC Connect platform team as needed.
For the:


  1. Log into the Microsoft Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to Settings > Domains
    • You may need to select Show All in order to see the correct menu options
  3. Select + Add Domain
  4. Enter in the first domain as supplied by the SBC Connect team and click Use this domain
  5. Select Add your own records for the verification option and click Continue This is selected by default
  6. If verification is required, you’ll receive a TXT= value record to add into DNS. Please pass this onto the SBC Connect team

After Verification from the SBC Connect Platform Team

After the SBC Connect platform team has added in the TXT= record value

  1. Navigate back to the domain in the Microsoft Admin Portal
  2. Complete verification of the domain
  3. On the Add DNS Records page, untick all records as no Exchange, Teams, etc records are required
  4. The domain should complete adding without issues and have a status of Healthy