Teams Client Issues - Local Desktop

One-way audio on a call

  1. Check the device settings on the:
    • Local computer; and
    • In the Microsoft Teams client.
  2. Check from another device This will isolate the issues to being a platform issue or a Microsoft Teams client issue
  3. Log a fault with the SBC Connect platform team

Headset not muting or un-muting a call

  1. Ensure any required software is installed onto the desktop PC
    • For Jabra headsets this should be the Jabra Direct software
  2. Update the device firmware
    • For Jabra devices
      • Install the Jabra Direct software
        • If using the LINK USB adaptor or a USB cable, update the firmware from within the software
        • Is using a Bluetooth connection, connect the device by a USB cable before trying to update the firmware

No dial pad

  1. Check the user is Voice Enabled by:
  2. Check the user has a valid Voice routing policy in the Teams Admin Centre and that the selected Voice routing policy has valid PSTN usage records assigned to it