Configuration of Yealink EXP50 Panel

Updating Firmware

To use the EXP50 panel, the phone needs the latest firmware.

  1. Log into the Microsoft Teams Admin Portal.
  2. Go to Devices>IP Phones

  3. Select the phone with the EXP50 that needs configuring.

  4. Click Update in the top navigation, once selected.

  5. Under Manual Updates, tick the available update, and click Update at the bottom of the page.

  6. Give the phone about 30 minutes to complete the update (unless scheduled for a certain time).

Configuring the panel contacts

  1. Open the Teams Windows app.

  2. Under Calls>Contacts/History, click the 3 dots menu on the contact wanted.

  3. Select Add to speed dial

  4. Repeat this for all contacts desired to be in EXP50.

  5. To refresh panel, select People on the handset, then select Home. Please note, the contacts will appear in the order that you assigned them. Not in alphabetical order.