Microsoft Teams Physical Device Management

NOTE: As at June 2020, there are no options to confiugre the Device Configuration Profiles by API or PowerShell.

There are a number of Microsoft Teams certified devices on the market from several different manufactures.
These devices are listed on the Microsoft Teams Devices Page 🌐 Here

Once a device is logged in and the user setup, the device is registered to the tenant and a policy applied against it from the Configuration Profiles listed in the Microsoft Teams Admin Portal.

These Configuration Profiles allow you to set options like the devices:

If the Microsoft 365 tenant also has Intune setup, then the device is registered to Intune and any compliance policies are applied when the first user logs in.

Different Confiugration Profiles can be used to setup phones with common attributes

Device Configuration Management

Configuration Profile Settings

Device Lock

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Manage your devices in Microsoft Teams