How to use SBC Connect

This website is designed to be viewed from and not from GitHub directly.
Certain parts of the website will not render when viewing on the GitHub platform.

The website aims to document the SBC Connect platform and assist users, Microsoft 365 tenant admins and platform admins in provisioning services and troubleshooting faults.

PowerShell Scripts

As a part of the PowerShell scripts used on the site, there are 2 formats for each function

Raw PowerShell Code

This code is for advanced users where the user has the ability to understand the code, understand where changes are required and produce their own scripts.
Code often has variables that need to be replaced marked with brackets {…}

SBC-Easy PowerShell Code

This code is the easiest for people to run who don’t understand powershell, or simply want a copy and paste solution.

The code:

Fixing product documentation

If you’ve found a fault on the site, please head over to the GitHub page and log an issue