Create a Call Park Policy


  1. Log into the Teams Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to Voice > Call park policies
  3. Select + Add
  4. Enter in a Display name and Description
    • It’s recommended to start display names with CPP_.
  5. Set Allow call park to On or Off as required.
  6. Click Save


The script will prompt for a name to use for the new Call Park Policy and will auto-format the name as required

⚠ This script assumes you’ve already connected to the Skype for Business Online PowerShell Module. See Here to connect

#Get the name of the new Call Park Policy from the user
Write-Host "This script will create a new Call Park Policy" -BackgroundColor Yellow -ForegroundColor Black
Write-Host "The only allowed symbols are - and _"
$CppName = Read-Host "Please enter the name for the new Call Park Policy"

#Create the name for the Call Park Policy by removing all spaces and adding CPP_ to the start
$CppDisplayName = $CppName -replace '[`~!@#$%^&\*()+={}|\[\]\;:\''",/<>?]',''
$CppUserName = "CPP_$CppDisplayName"

#Create a new Call Park Policy Queue
New-CsTeamsCallParkPolicy -Identity "$CppUserName" -AllowCallPark $true