Obtain the Phone System-Virtual User License

This license is required ONLY when a Call Queue or Auto Attendant has an inbound phone number. Nested Call Queues or Auto Attendants do not require a license because they don’t have a publicly callable phone number assigned to them.



  1. Log into the Microsoft Admin Center
    • https://admin.microsoft.com
  2. Navigate to Billing > Purchase Service
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Add-ons
  4. Locate and click the Phone System – Virtual User license that will be Free
  5. Select Pay for a full year
  6. Increase the QTY to 25 or the number required if higher
    • By default, you can get 25 free licenses then 1 additional license for every 10 users licensed in Office 365 with a Phone System license (E5 License -OR- E1/E3 + Phone System)
  7. Untick Automatically assign to all of your users with no licenses
  8. Click Check out now
  9. Confirm the order and click Next
  10. Select the Payment method of Invoice (pay by bank transfer only)
  11. Don’t complete any further information then click Place Order
  12. Once complete, you’ll be presented with a You’re all set! Screen


write-host "Demo Code"