License Requirements for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Applies to: Direct Routing only

User Licenses

🌐 Microsoft: Direct Routing Licensing
🌐 Microsoft Business Voice License Requreiements

Microsoft 365 Business Voice (without calling plan) provides the same features as the Microsoft Phone System add-on, however it includes a provisioning wizard for the 365 portal and was released into the Australian market in JULY 2020. The price of the Business Voice add-on is higher than the Phone System add-on.

Users require a valid license which is available as an add-on or included in:

Other Considerations

Common Voice mailboxes

🌐 Voicemail Setup Reference Voicemails received to a Common Voice Mailboxe are delivered to an Office 365 Group and therefore don’t require a Microsoft Teams license for Voice.

Delivering common voicemails to user or shared mailboxes

However if you forward these emails to a User or Shared Mailbox, then this needs to be done using Microsoft Power Automate and therefore requires a user account with an included Microsoft Power Automate Standard license. These are included in most Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Separate Microsoft Power Automate Per-User or Per-Flow license is not required.
It’s recommended to use a service type account for this instead of an employee incase the use leaves or the account is changed in any way.
The minimum required license for this account is Microsoft 365 Business Basic. No Microsoft 365 Business Voice (without calling plan) is required for this account

Auto Attendants and Call Queues

🌐 Microsoft: Virtual User License

Auto Attendants and Call Queues that need a DID number assigned to it require a free Microsoft 365 Phone System - Virtual User license.

These can be obtained through the Microsoft Admin Portal

Every Microsoft 365 tenant that includes a minimum of 1 Microsoft 365 Phone System license is allowed up to 25 free Microsoft 365 Phone System - Virtual User licenses. For every 10 additional phone system licenses purchased, the tenant is eligible for an additonal 1 free Microsoft 365 Phone System - Virtual User license.